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Responsibilities of Parents Towards Their Children Essay

Beethoven’s composer said Beethoven “as a composer is hopeless.� Beethoven was deaf in his 20s. Beethoven composed music despite that and went on to become one of the best known figures for Western Classical Music.Albert Einstein didnt speak till he was four.During his school times , Albert Einstein was considered to be mentally retarded. Einstein , then went on to win the Nobel Prize for his thesis on Photoelectric effect and his crown jewel , Theory of relativity.Abraham Lincoln’s wife died , his business failed , he suffered a nervous breakdown , lost in the elections 10 times before becoming the President of USA.Rocket Scientist Von Braun failed in Algebra.Madam Curie used to fail in chemistry. She won a Nobel Prize in CHEMISTRY!!Winston Churchill failed as a 6th grader. He eventually went on to become one of the BEST prime minister of England.Michael Jordan was cut from his school basketball team. He then won 6 National Championships in Basketball.Thomas Alva Edison was told by his teacher that “He was too stupid�.

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